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Service guide (faq)

See the most frequently asked question. if you don't find the answer to your request please report it via email.

Age limit

To rent a car the customer and all additional drivers must be 21 years old and at least two of right to drive.

For certain categories of vehicles, a higher limit of age than those established by law applies

To rent a scooter 125cc the customer, and all additionals drivers, must be 18 years old and have B driving licence .

The customer and all additional drivers under 25 years old must pay a surcharge named "young driver fee" . It's applied automatically when you indicate driver's age .

No limits if driver hold a valid driving licence for at least 24 mounth

Terms of payment and security deposit

 Of course, Ellepi accept cash payment with a previous identity check verified on identity card or passport in addition to the driving licence .



Yes, by renting a car a security deposit is required as guarantee . The deposit is variable depending on the selected car group.

The amount is however shown on booking time .

Yes, even the security deposit, like the payment, can be left in cash money.


  • Debit Card Visa - Mastercard
  • Electron card  Visa 
  • Credit Card  Visa - Mastercard - American express
  • Prepaid card
  • Maestro card
  • Bancomat

No, the amount of the security deposit is not charged but blocked for the duration of the rental. There is no money transfer, but a pre-authorization is required from the card issuer. The deposit is released upon return of the vehicle and the customer will have the sum available in variable times according to the rules of the institution issuing the card

The word pre-authorization means a temporary block on the credit / debit card of a specific amount usually due for the security deposit.

It will be deducted from the credit card limit so it will not generate a bank transaction since it does not have to be considered as a charge.

Yes, it is possible to rent a car with a friend's card , provided that the cardholder is in place at the pick-up of the vehicle and provides the documents necessary for his identification, by signing the contract in which he guarantees the amounts specified in rental agreement .

Time and place delivery

Desk is in the car rental terminal airport ,along with the most popular car rental companies,close to domestic and international arrivals

Yes is possible, on booking with additional surcharge. The amount is shown on booking time and on the voucher. The surcharge is due even if the flight delayed over 23.00.

Yes is possible drop off the car without an employee thanks to the key box on the desk. Simply park your car in the reserved area and pocket the key in the box.

This service is not available for customers who opt for the cash security deposit for which the extra charge must be applied due to the necessary presence of employee.

Yes, booking at least 24 hours in advance , is possible have the car in the hotel or in your own home for a small fee . Select this option in extra services on booking time

No, it's not possible. You can drive only around Sardinia Island.


Our suggestion is to immediately pay the fine to take advantage of any benefits provided by law with the reduction of the penalty

The first driver is responsible for all administrative penalties arising from his behavior or additional drivers during the rental period.

For administrative penalties are meant:

Violations of the highway code

Violations due to excess speed

Administrative costs seizure

Costs of tow truck


The vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel and the customer is required to return it with the same petrol level. If the vehicle is returned with a lower amount, a supplement called "Refueling Charge" of 18.00 euros is required in addition to the cost of the missing fuel