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INFORMATIVE EX ART 13 AND SEGG. OF THE EU REGULATION n. 679/2016 FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA The European Privacy Regulation n. 679/16 - General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR - establishes that the interested party must be informed in advance about the use of data concerning him, therefore, pursuant to art. 13 et seq. of the European Regulation n. 679/2016, we provide the following information: THE HOLDER OF THE TREATMENT (Article 13 paragraph 1 - point a) of the Rules) 1. The Data Controller is the Company ELLEPI Autonoleggio Snc di Pappalardo Massimiliano & C. of the Legal Relationships Pappalardo Massimiliano and Pappalardo Milena with registered office and office in Olbia via Tavolara n. 16, Olbia Olbia Costa Smeralda operational headquarters - Tel. and Fax 0789 69055 - cell. 3384583484 - VAT number. 02679090908 - e-mail: - pec:    THE PURPOSES OF THE TREATMENT (Article 13 paragraph 1 - point c) of the Regulations - art. 5 of the Reg.) 2. The personal data you provide will be used exclusively for purposes strictly related to the activity of renting without drivers of motor vehicles, and rental of motor vehicles, or, to fulfill contractual obligations arising from relationships between the parties and for consequent obligations of Law, Regulations and Community Norms. LEGAL BASIS OF TREATMENT (Article 13 paragraph 1 - point c) of the Regulations - art. 6 of the Reg.) 3. The personal data requested are mandatory in accordance with the provisions of art. 6 / b of the Rules, the same will be used by the Data Controller to fulfill the contractual commitments undertaken, and better specified in point 2. Article 13 paragraph 2 - point e) of the Rules - We inform you that the provision of the data itself is mandatory because the processing is done to comply with contractual obligations, compliance with obligations established by Laws, Regulations and Community Regulations (eg tax and accounting obligations), and failure to provide by Its implies the impossibility of establishing and / or continuing the contractual relationship, within the limits in which such data are necessary for the execution of the same. COMMUNICATION AND DIFUSION Article 13 paragraph 1 - point e) of the Rules 4. Your data will be communicated exclusively to the Data Processors and / or Data Processors of the administrative office, to external Professionals (such as Accountants), who perform specific tasks on behalf of the Data Controller, Insurance Agencies, Police Authorities (are they are State Police, Carabinieri and Municipal Police), companies operating in the roadside assistance service, companies that exercise claims management activities, credit recovery, and persons who can access the data pursuant to the provisions of the Law ( such as, for example, Revenue Agency, etc.) of Regulations or Community Regulations, with the procedures provided for in them and in general any subject to whom communication is necessary for the proper fulfillment of legal obligations as well as for the purposes set out in points 2. Article 13 paragraph 1 - point f) of the Rules - Your data will not be transferred to third countries or international organizations. METHOD OF TREATMENT AND STORAGE Article 13 paragraph 2 - point a) of the Rules 5. The processing will be carried out either manually or using IT tools according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness, legitimacy and confidentiality.  Your paper and / or IT data that are not necessary for storage and / or storage will be used until the conclusion of the contractual relationship, while the personal data required to comply with the requirements of the Law, Regulations and Community Regulations will be kept and / or stored for period of compliance required by the relevant legislation, but no later than 10 years from collection. RIGHTS OF THE INTERESTED PARTY Article 13 paragraph 2 - point b) of the Regulations and Article 15 et seq. of the Rules 6. We remind you that you have the right to ask the Data Controller for access to your personal data, you can ask for the update, modification and / or correction (right of rectification); request the cancellation or limitation, in whole or in part, of the treatment (right to be forgotten and the right to limitation); has the right to object, in whole or in part, to their treatment, moreover, has the right to receive your data on a technical format support, commonly used and readable by electronic device, and where technically possible you can proceed to transfer personal data directly to another third party and / or Data Controller indicated by you, that is, you may request portability Exercise of Rights - To assert your rights, please send a written request indicating "exercise of the rights on the Privacy", to the email: - pec: PROFILING Article 13 paragraph 2 - point f) of the Regulations - art. 4 point 4 of the Rules 7. Your data will not be subject to profiling, according to the provisions of art. 4 point 4 of the GDPR, that is, will not be used "... to evaluate certain personal aspects related to a natural person, ... the economic situation, ......, personal preferences, ...,, reliability, behavior, location or the movements of said physical person ". COMPLAINTS TO THE AUTHORITY Article 13 paragraph 2 - point d) of the Rules 8. If you believe that your rights have been infringed by the Data Controller, you have the right to propose a Complaint to the Guarantor of Personal Data Protection or another competent Supervisory Authority pursuant to the Regulation or the law.


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