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Our rates include:

Unlimited mileage (except when indicated differently), Civil liability towards third parties or things with a single limit set by the policy, if the conditions of rental contract rental are expected, Theft and damage penalty reductions limited to the deductibles amount. Road tax, Vat 22%, Airport surcharge, Preparation of the vehicle, Registration fees.

Our rates do not include:

Partial or Total elimination of the reduction Damage and Theft penalties Fuel, Refuelling service charge, Fines Optional clauses ( ex. car protection, Car protection Plus) ,extras, supplements and anything not expressly included.

Minimum age:

For the rental of vehicle the minimum driver 's age is 21 years old provided that the payment of a daily supplement called "young driver" has been applied. The cost of the young driver supplement is on the supplement folder in extras accessories. The drivers whose minimum age is of 25 years old can rent the vehicles belonging to car groups without paying for the above young driver supplement. Required driving license validity + original ID document: For the rental of vehicles the driver must have held a valid driving license for at least 2 year. In addition to the driving license, the driver must be in possession (and exhibit) an original and valid ID document. If even one of the two above requested documents it will not be possible to deliver the booked vehicle.

Some further requirements for the driving license:

  • the driver must always be in possession of the original driving license;
  • the driving license must be valid upon pick up of vehicle and its expiry date must be later than the drop off of vehicle;
  • no cancellations and/or erasures must be present on the driving license;
  • no amendments and/or adjustments are allowed unless they are certified (with date and stamp) by an appropriate Authority;
  • the driving license must report the driver's photo and signature,
  • to drive in Italy, all driving licenses issued by countries member of the European Community are valid but the driver must be in possession of a valid passport as well;
  • as far as concerns all driving licenses issued by any country not member of the European Community, the driver must be in possession (together with the driving license, of course) of a proper International Driving Permission whose validity is of 2 year so it needs to be in regular course of validity;
  • all driving licenses reporting non-latin characters (e.g. arabian , chinese , japanese, cyrillic and so on) are not accepted unless they have been translated by the Embassy or Consulate in latin characters;
  • in no cases military driving licenses, temporary driving licenses, copies of driving licenses are accepted
Method of payment + Deposit

Accepted payment methods are

  • Cash
  • Credit card ( Amex-Visa-Mastercard-Diners)
  • Debit card
  • Prepaid card
  • Maestro card
  • ATM

In addition to the rental fee the driver will have to issue a security deposit in respect of the hired vehicle category as indicated on the vehicle folder in the booking details.

For the security deposit we accept the following methods; :

  • Credit card
  • debit card
  • Cash
  • Prepaid card

In no case may the deposit be understood as the limit of the customer's liability. In case the customer needs more information about the deposit, you can contact us phone +39(0)78969055

Fuel and Refuelling Charge:

All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel (unleaded gasoline or diesel). Should the vehicle be returned without a full tank of fuel a charge of € 18,00 plus 16% apt/dt surcharge plus VAT for refuelling service will be applied for each vehicle in addition to the cost of the missing fuel.

Oil and Maintenance:

Any expenses for engine oil will be reimbursed upon delivery of a regular receipt made out to Ellepi rental . No other types of expenses will be reimbursed without prior authorisation from our desk staff.

Overtime working fee:

All pick ups within 1 hour after the closing time will generate a charge of € 70,00 + VAT. All out of hour pick ups and all out of hour drop offs in presence of a desk representative are on request and subject to our confirmation.

Booking cancellation

With Ellepi the cancellation is free

Late returns:

For vehicle drop offs, a maximum tolerance of 59 minutes is allowed after which 1 extra day rental will be charged.

Type of vehicle:

Although Ellepi rental endeavours to deliver the vehicle requested by the client, a specific car model cannot always be guaranteed. In the case that the booked car group is not available, another vehicle of a higher category will be delivered without any extra charge.

Fines, highway tolls and parking tickets payment:

All fines issued further to a violation of the Street Code and/or missing tolls and/or parking tickets issued during the rental period will be notified to the customer.


n case of any damage causing the breakdown of the vehicle, as per the article 1588 of the Civil Code,the Customer will be charged for the tow truck service fee of € 250,00 + VAT

Data protection

Ellepi Is the owner of the processing of personal data( personal information) collected on the site.each personal data provide to us using our webbsite an mobile applications will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Code.

Car check out

It's mandatory to consult the vehicle delivery report and check the state of use of the vehicle before leaving Ellepi car park . If any discrepancies are found ,it is mandatory to immediately inform the office staff who will be able to immediately find any hidden defects that are not attributable to the customer.

Territorial area of rental

It is strictly forbidden to take the vehicle outside the Sardinia island. Our vehicles can not in any way be transported oustside the island borders . In the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle the drivers is totally resposible even if he has signed the car protection/ car protection plus clauses .

Driving unpaved roads is prohibited

the customer is totally resposible for any damage caused as as result of driving on unpaved roads eve if he has signed the car protection/car protection plus clauses.



Theft/Fire penalty : in case of theft/fire, customer will be responsible for the here below TLW penalty up to the maximum charge, determined considering the category of the rented vehicle. (see the charts below)

B 1300,00 €
BJ / BW / C / CX / X 1500,00 €
CJ / D / DJ E / EJ 1800,00 €
F / H /HJ 2800,00 €
Y 1000,00 €

The penalties for theft/fire and/or damage are considered per single event. In accordance with the provisions of art. 1588 Civil Code, the Customer undertakes to indemnify the Lessor for any damage, for any reason occurred to the vehicle, unless he can prove that the damage happened for reasons not attributable to the Customer himself. The rental agreement contains specific information about the rules regarding the responsibility in using the vehicle. Among these pieces of information, it is particularly important the compliance to the rules about the correct and diligent use of the rented vehicle (such as avoiding to drive the vehicle on unpaved roads and sticking to the usual rules of attention and maintenance) as well as the compliance to the traffic rules. In case of any default or breach of such rules, the customer will be deemed the only responsible for any damage occurred, even if Car Protection Plus have been subscribed. In the light of this, for further details, all customers are kindly invited to go through the current General Conditions carefully. We also remind that, in addition to the circumstance clearly stated by law, the reduction / reduction of liability will be not effective in case of malice or gross negligence, as per the article 1229 of the Civil Code.


The customers will be able to reduce their penalties in the event of damage and/or theft/fire undersigning the Car Protection clause, including it upon booking (please see the special box of the “applicable supplements” in the quotation step). The Car Protection clause, which is not an insurance, includes: - partial elimination of the damage penalty; - partial elimination of the theft/fire penalty

In the event of damage /theft the penalties are reduced as follows :

B / BJ / C / CX/CJ 300,00 €
BW / D / DJ / E /EJ 500,00 €
F /H 800,00 €
HJ 1000,00 €
Y 200,00 €

The customer who wishes to travel without any troubles can eliminate the penalties for damage and/or theft/fire undersigning the Car Protection Plus clause, including it upon booking (please see the special box of the “applicable supplements” in the quotation step). The Car Protection Plus clause, which is not an insurance, includes: - total elimination of the damage penalty; - total elimination of the theft/fire penalty

The Car Protection Plus clause,does not include:

  • Loss and/or damages and/or theft of the car papers. In such cases, client will be charged for a supplement of 80,00 + VAT;
  • Accident handling fee euro 128,00+VAT
  • Loss and/or damages and/or theft of the car keys. In such cases, client will be charged for a supplement of 250,00 + VAT;
  • Loss and/or damages and/or theft of the registration plates (or even just one of them). In such cases, client will be charged for a supplement of 350,00 + VAT;

It is NEVER possible to eliminate the responsibility regarding damages to tapestry, accessories and interiors of the vehicle, to mechanical parts, damages to the door locks, damages caused by vegetation, damages caused by acts of vandalism, damages caused by negligence and /or carelessness of the driver and/or violation of the traffic code, safety kit, triangle, high-visibility waistcoat. The damages caused by acts of vandalism are not covered by the car protection and the car protection plus.

Damages caused by vegetation

Customer will be liable for any damages caused to the vehicle due to vegetation, even if has subscribed the car protection/ Car Protection Plus , as this can be considered his negligence to drive the car in the countryside or in places where the vegetation can cause scratches and damages to the vehicle

New damages on the vehicle

If new damages not pre-existing upon pick up are found when checking the vehicle in (drop off), these are quantified sticking to the Ellepi Damage Table and to the criteria explained on the relevant Explanatory Sheet (both can be consulted on the website or ,if required, are handed out as a hard copy to the Customer when entering the rental agreement. All damages not reported on the Ellepi Damage Table will be quantified by appropriate damage report issued on the basis of the Car Manufacturers’ pricelist. In case of damage or theft (total or partial) occurred to the rented vehicle, client will be liable to pay for an inclusive amount of € 128,00 plus VAT as handling fee.

Procedure in event of traffic accident

In the event of a traffic accident, with or without a counterparty, the customer is obliged to declare the happened according to the modalities established by the law. In the event of a claim with the counterparty, it is essential to note the licence plate, the insurance company, the driver's name and surname and any witnesses, name and surname of the car owner, which can be found in the booklet circulation. This information is indispensable. In the presence of new damages found on the return to the rented vehicle, which are not covered by the possible signing of optional clauses of limitation and / or exemption of the responsibility (Car Protection and or car protection plus ), we operate as follows:

  • In the event of damage foreseen by the Ellepi Damage Table, the return office proceed immediately to the detection in contradictory with the Customer, to quantification e to debit the related amount on your card or with hold them from the security deposit
  • In the event of damage not contemplated by the aforementioned Ellepi Damage Table, the office of return, carried out in contradictory detection with the Customer, cautionally blocks an amount on his credit card, without making any collection, pending the the damage assessment is performed. Following the aforementioned report, the client is sent a communication containing the documents proving the damage and the relative quantification and at the same time the estimated amount is debited.

In all cases in which it is not possible to detect the damage in contradictory with the Customer due to these reasons, Ellepi proceeds to block security on your credit card and quantifying the damage (through the table if applicable, or using the estimate performed by an expert), without making no cash. The communication with the documents is then sent to the customer proving the damage and its quantification and, after five days from that communication, we proceed to the debit.

The Customer has the right to contest the existence of the damage and / or its quantification .In this case, Ellepi evaluates the client's reasons and finds his complaint. Where the complaint is immediate or is received within two days of the communication forwarded to the customer containing the notice of charge, the relative procedure remains temporarily suspended and no proceeds are collected until the completion of the appropriate checks .In the event of a claim declared as active by the Client (CID one signature), the Lessor shall provide in any case to charge him, as a precautionary measure, a quantified sum through the application of the Ellepi Damage Table, or (for damages not contemplated) through a specific technical appraisal, pending the closure of the file by the Insurance Company. In the presence of insurance indemnity, this will be deducted of any penalties applied to the customer. If the damage, however, is attributable to the fault of the customer, he will also be charged the cost of the damage appraisal, if performed, and postal charges.

Exclusively in the event that the Customer who has declared the claim as an active product ,also produces a model of the friendly incident complaint (CID) regularly signed by the counterparty, the amount contractually foreseen as liability will not be charged. In the event that the insurance company of the counterparty does not liquidate the claim, since the CID form will be incomplete, inadequate, or the claim itself results in a fault or passive competition, we will then request the amount of damage caused to our car until at most the penalty for damages contractually provided. The presentation of the CID countersigned by the counterparty is always mandatory, even if the damages are covered by the possible signing of voluntary limitation and / or exemption clauses (Car Protection / Car protection Plus) If the Customer, in case of left and / or theft and / or fire and / or stoppage of the vehicle, it requires the replacement, the Lessor reserves the right not to accept this request in the hypothesis in which it can also be presumed that the accident and / or theft and / o fire and / or stopping of the vehicle is due to the unreliability of the customer in terms of the management of the leased vehicle. It is understood that, in any case, the Lessor has the full discretion in proceeding further in the execution of a lease failed for the use of the vehicle. If the aforementioned faculty is used, the lessor waives the right to payment of the rental rate for the remaining contractual period.In addition, Ellepi car hire reserves the right not to rent the cars to customers who have booked through the site with reservation already confirmed if, at the time of physical signing of the contract, does not consider, according to their own discretion, the same suitable for respect of all the clauses of the rental contract to the general conditions that regulate it.


Any controversy deriving from the rental contract, the parties agree that the Forum of Tempio Pausania will be competent. The rental contract is governed by the law and by Italian law, therefore, for any controversy related to it, only the law and the Italian law are applied before any Court and Authority